August 10, 2009

The Making of Las Vegas Blood Bath

Well I tried to get an interview for the site but was unable to contact anyone involved with the film Las Vegas Blood Bath. I did though find some information about the making of the film posted by Assistant Director / FX Artist / Actor / Theme Song Composer David Dalton from various You Tube postings.

The Script
The whole thing was done without a script (obviously). We were taking whatever ideas sounded the weirdest, not even going for comedic, but our sense of humor came out in most shots, which kept things in that should have been deleted, like the perfectly straight cut on the neck stump from the flat end of the shovel beating. What were we thinking? Obviously not much... but it did entertain some curious reasons for being there.

The FX
The movie was written around the effects, which were- little more than- things I had laying around (stuff from my haunted houses). I'm the guy who brought haunted houses to Las Vegas... first and foremost the best haunted houses on the planet. Blood Bath is not a good example of my work. I'm sure you’ll notice by the mockery I made of myself with every shot, especially the bouncing baby boy (un-cooked foam latex molded by hand).

Pizza Box's and Oil Wrestlers

Pizza trivia... by the time we shot the pizza scene, we couldn't show it because it didn't fit the box. I can't remember why, but it was important not to show the pizza. You'll notice in the movie they keep trying to keep the lid to the box covering the pizza. And yes... some real great actors there. When they were tied up, Tiffany was so bad that I finally just told her to put her head down so we couldn't see her face.

About his role as the Jehovist Witness
Yeah, that's me sticking my head in the door. I said, "Hello, hello?.. Jehovah's Witness!" And lost my head, just like Ruth (wonder if he chopped hers off that way). The dumb look on my face in the door, I remember was my just trying to look like the prop I was using of my head from a haunted house effect. Funnier still, is that I married a beautiful 22 yr. old on Halloween when I was 42 (it lasted 3 1/2 yrs). She was raised Jehovah's Witness turned Wiccan. I couldn't get her to watch the movie, so I never told her I played a Jehovah's Witness in it, even after I saw her a few years ago, when she turned devout Jehovah's Witness!!!

The other partners cut me out of the editing for some reason, which pretty much destroyed whatever possibilities the movie had. Believe it or not, there were a lot better choices of footage to have used than what they did. It looked almost -to me- like they purposely sabotaged the movie so that it wouldn't be worth watching. I tried to fix it after-the-fact with their blessings, & my own money, but didn't have enough to start over like it needed.

About An Alternate Version of the Film Distributed With Extra Gore Scenes
Not that I know of. I'm surprised you even have that one. Someone obviously sold the unfinished version of the movie, which I used my own money to go back in and cut some of the boring girls-playing-cards or something (like the whole movie isn't boring) and added a few other scenes like the gardener losing his head... and I guess the guy getting his finger shot off (who was Tom the sound man).

The Theme Song
The song was a last minute decision that the movie needed it. As I recall, my voice was dry and cracking that day, but I didn't care. I think everything there was done in one take (as I recall). The movie was already edited and looking really stupid. Chris listened to the song once, then plugged in and played, shortly thereafter stopping, he told me my bass was out of strobe (it was in key here, and out of key there). He said I would have to do it over. I asked, "Can't you augment and diminish it, like you were screwing it up on purpose?" He said, "yes." What you hear was done in 1 take, me yelling at him all the way through, "Yeah, that's great, screw it up some more... MORE... PERFECT!!!" perfectly screwed up, just like the movie was.

One of these days I'll post the re-edited version of the song that I did at Embryo Records in Las Vegas, but they gave it to me in an unreadable format (the dumb bastards). What I didn't realize at the time, was that I would be starting my own religion one day (a project in the works as we speak), and while wondering how that movie fit in with my very symbolic life and the bible, I later found out. The book of Samuel is conjoined with the book of Ruth... go figure. God has a sense of humor.

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