January 20, 2011

Coming Soon!!!

So it's been awhile sense the last update so i figured I would write a post about whats been going on. I had some problems with You Tube and some of our videos where removed for being to graphic. The next episode that was supposed to be uploaded was for the film Black Devil Doll From Hell but due to the You Tube problems I didn't upload it out of fear of getting my account suspended, can you say puppet rape.

But don't fear I am about to bring back the dump!!!! That's right a few new episodes will be on the way in the near future and i will be hosting them at Blip TV which will allow for longer vids and more graphic content.

I plan on changing a few things and will only be doing videos about once a month due to my busy schedule working on big Hollywood films (isn't that funny, and no that's not a joke).

I would also like to announce that very soon I will be starting the B-Movie Dumpster Podcast!!! More on that at a later date.

So expect soon the lost Black Devil Doll episode as well as the first Podcast. Thanks to all the fans for their awesome comments and support, you guys make doing this all worthwhile.

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